The worlds most comprehensive approach to connecting small diameter and microbore tubing


Microfittings® were developed by AO Scientific as an easy and practical solution for incorporating extremely small scale tubing, into virtually any application.

Microfittings® provide a quick and inexpensive way to combine Tygon Microbore® tubing (0.010 - 0.050") with other standard fractional size circuits. Our fittings integrate with barbed, Luer or threaded connections, allowing product engineers and developers unmatched flexibility in circuit design. By eliminating the cumbersome combination of multiple types of fittings (or as we like to refer to them; Franken-fittings), developers are now free to explore scale reduction, whenever the possibility presents itself.

At home in almost any lab, these fittings are particularly useful in the field of microfluids, profusion and chromatography. And while small-bore tubing is widely used in the medical and scientific communities, Microfittings® have effectively opened the door for the use of small scale tubing to almost any industry.